Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Our Work Environment

Bonne journée,

here's a REAL life camera shot of our our desks, where we are laying out our plans for world domination, in our spare time we're also developing a game.

Mendes' desk: Hank's desk:

Okay, and now a quick status report on the progress of our game (world domination plans = secret). Both the game engine and editor are going along smoothly. Actually, there was a bit of a bump in the road (more like a pot hole) where we couldn't get the ray vs mesh working properly for the editor (detailed post to come, courtesy of Mendes). There's been a lot of fixes (thanks once again to Mendes) and additions to the game engine. The status of the editor is unknown but we'll get that up on the blog soon.

- Models no longer NEED to have texture UVs mapped onto them,
- Rotations are working properly (x=x and y=y, not the other way around),
- Using quaternions properly for the camera transforms,
- Thanks to the ray vs mesh fix in the editor, the ray vs oobb work in the collision engine.

- Engine supports third and first person cameras
- The engine has been encapsulated, so now it is a standalone product which games can be built on top of.
- Translucent entity rendering, there is still a bug here where translucent entities cannot be seen behind each other.
- Scene graph

What's on the TODO list:
- Fix the collision engine.
- Saving and loading of level data
- Event Management
- Particles
- Editor
- AI
- Gameplay
- Audio
- Optimise everything, that includes the shaders!

- Simple streaming system
- Rigid and soft body physics
- Multi thread optimisations
- Water rendering
- Volumetric lights/god rays
- Rim light?
- Anti-aliasing
- LoD for terrain

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  1. @Yorrick: Dats a really old pic, ur wallpaper has changed significantly since then, innit?