Tuesday, 16 February 2010

More Light Propagated Volumes

Buen día,

Hmmm, Spanish is nice, might learn a few other words while I'm at it. Anyway, while I was going through the shaders (to clean and optimise them) I found that I was doing a few things wrong in the Light Propagation Volume shader. I've spent the last two days fixing it and here are the results (they're still not as good as I would like, but maybe later :P):

Without LPV: With LPV:

LPV off & shadows off: LPV on & shadows off:

The collision engine is finished and now parent child relationships work properly, where as before parents couldn't be children. When i say parent child relationships what i mean is the logical relation between two entites in the game world, e.g. this comes in handy when the player jumps onto a moving platform, so the player becomes the child of the moving platform and where ever the platform moves the child will too. So now that the collisions are over and done with, the main tasks are to fix bugs and to clean and optimise the engine. The main two bugs are to do with the graphics, the shadows and translucent model rendering.

The editor in coming along well. It is now possible to translate and rotate the entities in the scene and then to save the scene to the harddisk. It is also capable of loading the scene file from the harddisk. The bounding box creation tool is being added into the editor.

So not too far until we get to the gameplay.

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  1. How do you attenuate light during propagation? It tends to overbright after many passes. It seems I don't understand something.