Saturday, 18 September 2010

Slow Progress

Hello fellow readers and future fans of our games,

the pace of the development was increasing ever since releasing the two beta versions but for the past week it has come to a stop. this is because i'm having to revise some maths before starting my degree (which starts a week on Monday).

Now i have an ever increasing to do list (which includes major areas, like the path finding, finishing the networking and adding the story screens) and no time to actually get round to shortening it. The plan is to spend a few hours a week and polish what i have and not add anything extra. So, i hope to release the first episode by the end of this year. If i have time then i hope to get the LPV working for this game, which should make it look a little nicer.

Episode 1 will contain:
- 12 single player levels
- 2 multiplayer modes (but no dedicated servers for this version).
- 3 elements
- An actual story
- Unique content, rather than things ripped from other games :P

It'll be available for both PC and X360.

Well, now back to playing Halo Reach revising some maths.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

New Version of CodeName:Elemental | Beta 0.2


I have uploaded a new version of the game (CodeName:Elemental | Beta 0.2) that i'm working on. You can get the links to the downloads from this website: Again, i would greatly appreciate it if you could comment on the gameplay, suggest ways of bettering it, and if you come across any bugs then to report those too.

In the next release i hope to add the actual hidden level, which will be unlocked when all the beads have been collected. I also hope to add a working multiplayer mode.

Thanks and i hope you enjoy it!

P.S. Unfortunately you'll have to start over from the beginning; the old profiles won't work with the new game. In the next release i hope to solve that issue.