Friday, 11 June 2010

A Very Long Video. Too Long.

Rejoice! The dry spell has ended! Yes I finally found time to post on the blog again after ages, so you imaginary souls who follow us may read and celebrate with wine and women. I have compiled a video of my work on the project so far, mostly for a portfolio to go along with my resume. Its a little longer than I'd like, but I didn't have much choice and I didn't have a good editor. Anyway here is the link, The video is 17 mins long and has the following parts:
The main video, the material editor, the bounding box editor, the navigation mesh editor and the particle editor.

The video quality is a little worse than i'd like but i might upload the original video to a file hosting service.

Thanks for your time everyone!

You have found this post, long overdue.

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